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Gabriela Pons was born in Caracas on October 1967. She obtained her Fashion Designer degree in 1990.

Early on, she collaborated actively in a number of fashion projects with designer Ángel Sánchez and participated in many accessory making workshops.

For almost ten years, she made a brief parenthesis of her design career to focus on another area of her interest, marketing. Thus, she worked successfully in this area as manager of a prestigious distributor of European watch and jewelry brands.

This platform and her unceasing curiosity encouraged her to direct her vocation to jewelry making.  After refining her knowledge and techniques of this millenary art, over 7 years ago she formalized her work, opened the shop that bears her name and has turned it into the small industry it is today.

Gifted with enormous sensibility for all things natural, Gabriela uses nature derived materials such as woods, seeds and horns, among others, and incorporates them into her collections in a continuous quest to achieve a harmonious and sophisticated integration of nature and metals. Her creations have an undisputed imprint that show the results of her permanent and ever growing pursuit  of different alternatives of those already existing in the market.

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